Wolf's Den

       / \      _-'
     _/|  \-''- _ /
__-' { |          \
    /             \
    /       "O.  |O }
    |            \ ;
       \_         __\
         ''-_    \.//
           / '-____'

Hi! Welcome to my little place on the internet. I am free software enthusiast living in the Czech republic.

You can find somewhat modest list of my projects here.

You also can check out my blog. I plan to write mostly about technical topics, when I have something interesting to share. There is no fixed release schedule.

There is no comment system here, so if you want to react to a blog post (or just want to chat), feel free to write me an email. You can also find me on mastodon.

Here is my GPG key. All my releases are signed with it, and you can also use it to encrypt private messages intended for me.